What is Prem Path?

Birds and animals are amazing creation of God which even without speaking, express every emotion through their eyes and gesture. They prove to be the best and true companion of man. But often these helpless creatures especially, dogs are victims of road accidents or suffer from one or the other diseases. :

  • Consequently, they suffer and wait for their tragic end in silence.
  • Also, these ailing animals especially dogs, cats, monkeys etc. pose threat to the health of human beings.
Thus for both aspects, it has become imperative to pay proper and immediate attention to these ailing animals. With the intention to protect the society from zoo-noses and to help the ailing animals to reduce their sufferings by providing every possible medical aid, a shelter cum treatment centre named PREM-PATH had been established.
Aims & Objectives :

Animals have an important place in our life-cycle, hence need to be protected with concern. As Gandhiji has rightly said,"the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".Thus the main purpose of PREM-PATH is to make a better world through making ourselves concious of our surroundings and taking everlasting positive steps.

  • First and foremost objective is to provide each and every possible medical aid to ailing animals.
  • Second objective is to provide shelter or retirement home to the disabled animals.
  • Third objective which is the most important one from the society's point of view is to carry out ABC (Animal Birth Control ) programme. Since it is the only humane and ethnic method of controlling the population of street dogs. People are afraid of many life threatening diseases which can easily be transmitted to human beings. They expect the municipalities to wipe out the street dog population. Any other method except ABC programme to control street dog population remain ineffective as dogs quickly repopulate, first by migration and secondly by breeding. Under ABC programme, sterilisation of dogs is carried out.
  • Last but not the least objective is to inspire people , especially children to show love towards animals and to protect them with courage and compassion.
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